The Assurance  department our Firm ensures that companies are managing financial risk  effectively and that company financial statements  provide accurate financial  information to the shareholders and other  stakeholders. Our services  offered on assurance cover a wide range  of industry  sectors, including Banking  and Investment  Banking, Financial  Services Firms, Manufacturing  Companies, Internet  Based  Companies ,Oil and Gas  Companies  and  Shipping  Companies. Our specialized electronic  software  is in line with the   methodology   followed by our  office  which  is in line with the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRSs),International Auditing  and Assurance  Standards  as well  as Cyprus Companies Law,Cap.113.

In addition, please note that Forensic  Assurance  services tab includes statutory  audit services information which these can be included in this section.

Services provided include:
• Statutory  and regulatory  audit  and issuance of an Audit  opinion on the financial statements of a company or non for  profit organizations in accordance  with International Standards  of Auditing (ISAs).
Preparation  of financial statements  in accordance  with  International Financial  Reporting Standards (IFRSs).
• Consulting you on the application of IRSs and other generally  accepted accounting practices.
• Other non-statutory assurance services  as due diligence assignments, processes  and controls assessment, forensic audit services, budget setting review and other management report  review.
• Provide assistance to clients for proper filing   of the respective  submissions required under the Law to the Cyprus Government Authorities  and other Regulators, such as the Registrar of Companies ,Inland  Revenue Department and VAT Authorities ,Cyprus Securities  and Exchange  Commission etc.
• Our  Firm has  adequate  resources to  undertake financial projects   of different professionals.
Being eligible to offer assurance services to Cyprus Government Projects.