Our professional team and associates provides the highest level of professional services in the fund sector such as fund formation, licensing, accounting, administration and advisory.

Comprising of highly caliber staff, has the ability to support  complex investment structures  through its sophisticated  software and meet the demanding requirements of the evolving  fund industry.

Also, it covers various fund structures such as UCITS funds, hedge funds,private equity funds ,real estate funds and others.

Our fund  services team  being leading  service provider, in order to accommodate the rapid expansion of the market, has invested in  technology ,created  strategic alliances  with associates  around the globe and keeps investing in human  capital. As a company it remains  committed in delivering  high  quality services and to keep the upward trend as a leading Fund Administrator.

• Formation
• Corporate administration
• Accounting of funds
Administration and services
• Professional Director Services

We cover   plethora  of fund structures  from a variety  of jurisdictions including inter alia Bermuda, BVI, Belize, Cayman, Cyprus, Gibraltar, Guernsey, Jersey, Isle of Man, Ireland, Luxembourg and Hong Kong.

Our biggest  asset is our  multi-discipline  human capital which  consists  of a dedicated  team of lawyers, qualified  accountants, CySEC licensed, MBA holders and other professionally  qualified  administration staff, enriched  and supported  by the state of the art software that can cope with the most complex  of fund structures.

We realize  that, regardless of our qualifications, the level of the service you receive is directly  related to the skill capability, dedication and resourcefulness of the administration  team engaged on your account.

We are always here for our clients
• To advise on the appropriate structure for the fund
• To assist with the licensing procedure where applicable
• To support listed and non-listed funds during their life cycles with high quality fund administration services
To advice  and provide assistance  and services on compliance and reporting requirements
To offer advice on back office and middle office  requirements

All the above  enables us of becoming a key component in the Fund structure operating seamlessly and with minimum disruptions ,allowing the Fund manager to focus on what they should be focusing on :the management of the Fund.