IFRS Advice Desk

Even  with official International Accounting Standard Board (IASB) interpretations guidance, The  International Financial Reporting  Standard (IFRS) can prove to be unclear on certain  matters  and finding the right answer, in line with your business needs, may prove to be an  overwhelming task. We will  provide you with consistent ,high quality advice that addresses all issues  to achieve the maximum benefits  for your  company.

Our team has gained significant expertise from assisting companies in different industries  and is able to provide professional experience  to IFRS issues that affect your  business and specific transactions through technical support and advise on their  implementation.

We will ensure that your company’s  accounting  is applied in accordance with the required accounting standards ,ensuring compliance with IFRSs. We  will assist in guiding the company in identifying and addressing the challenging IFRS accounting  issues.

On the accounting treatment of various accounting issues, ensuring compliance with IFRSs.

On issues like the impact on the financial  statements of the company, when adopting  an accounting policy or on performing a specific accounting transaction.